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Wonder Cane With Flashlight

There is no price you can place on safety & mobility. Get rid of your regular cookie cutter cane and get one that adapts to your specific needs.

Our Wonder Cane gives you peace of mind knowing that it will help you move through any conditions. It also has convenience options for transporting and seeing in the dark.




    Amazing Benefits

    • Comfortable sponge handle that decreases hand pressure
    • Strong Aluminum Alloy with quad base that keeps your cane standing even when you let it go
    • Stable pivoting base ensures your safety and stability at any angle
    • Folds up compact for traveling or storage
    • Non-slip T handle with bright 60W flashlight that shines forward 20 meters.
    • Freely adjust the light shine direction up and down
    • Adjustable for different heights up to 6 feet 2 inches
    • Supports up to 265 lbs


    The importance of your mobility and safety is priceless. For just $39.99, have peace of mind knowing your Wonder Cane can help you get through anything!