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Universal Car Back Seat Tray

Give Your Car The Luxury of An Airplane (Without the Turbulence and Delays)!

  • Passengers Eat With Less Mess - Sometimes you might not want people in your car, but it can be unavoidable when you have kids or when you go on long trips. Turn your vehicle into the sort of placewhere messes are contained (imagine that!) with this folding seat back tray table. 
  • Spots For Everything You Want To Hold - This tray table comes with two separate drink holders, a phone or gaming device holder, a small food tray for snacks or whatever you want, and a large tray for eating and working. Super functional!


  • Eat Or Work On The Tray - Use the tray table for eating or working on your laptop, tablet, or another device. It also makes a fine table for resting a book (Harry Potter gets heavy when you hold it for hours on end). 
  • Easily Hooks Onto The Back Of Car Seats - Hook it on and get ready for your road trip adventure!
  • Folds When Not In Use - This folds into a compact 8.5" x 14" rectangle with a slim thickness of less than 1.5". You can store in on the back of the seat until you're ready to use it again or in a seat back pocket. 

Package Include:

  • 1 X Car Back Seat Tray
  • 1 X Fixation Strap