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Professional Hair Engraving Pen


Accurately and Easiest Way to Create Hair Engravement Designs 

Using a blade to design your hair is more prone to errors and mistakes due to its large and hard to control features. This Ultimate Hair Engraving Pen will help you to precisely create the design just like writing in a paper. 

This tool will help you to create more happy customers and will result in the better hair business. Also, this tool can be used personally especially if you love to create a unique style. 

This tool will prevent the unfortunate cuts that you get from using the usual blade. 


  • Be Able to Design Accurately - Due to its pen design, you'll be able to create hair engravement easier.
  • Prevents Getting Cut from the Usual Blade -It really hurts when we get cut by a blade and it will be a hard time to do some task by having that wound especially, cooking
  • Perfect for Business & Personal Use - This tool will help you to create a better business or use it to personalized the design of your hair.
  • Easy to Clean - Hair does not get stuck at the bottom