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Razor-sharp Portable Chainsaw

Are you planning to have ordinary camping and will be needing wood to start a fire?

portable chainsaw

Using regular chainsaws are too bulky and it requires gasoline while using an ax is exhausting and takes too long. Our easy to use Razor-sharp Portable Chainsaw will help you solve both problems! A portable and sharp chainsaw that you can use and bring anywhere and anytime. It cuts through trees so easily that even seniors suffering from arthritis have used it to cut through trees many times their size. The secret to its effectiveness is in its "triple sided attack." 

Made of high super strong heat-treated carbon steel, this 25 inches hand chain (excluding handles) with super strong durable nylon straps makes it a perfect fit for anyone. Two-way bi-directional cutting teeth that could incredibly fast cut with blades reaching 3 sides of the limb at once; superior to cable, wire and rope saws. The hand saw is in folding design and can put in a pocketLightweight and compact size make this emergency survival saw easy to pack and always on-the-go to use saving you 50% of your time. A perfect product that works great in cutting down trees!


portable chainsaw


Cuts through trees like butter: the blades on this pocket chainsaw are made from the exact same razor-sharp steel cuts three sides at once

Saving you 50% of your time: bi-directional blades cut deep into the wood every time you push and pull, reducing your cutting time by 50%

Easy to control: it has no motor, which makes it easy for anyone to control. perfect help for the elderly because they don't have to struggle against a powerful motor the entire time

Indestructible: the pocket chainsaw is made from hardened steel and is up to 4 times stronger than ordinary steel

Comfortable handles:  Comfort is important with this kind of tool, and that's why we've included wide-grip webbed handles that don't cut into your skin even under pressure

Condenses: a 4-inch diameter wheel for compact storage while not in use

Self-cleaning: teeth keep the blades sharp

Material: 65# steel 
Chain length: 65 cm  
Full length: 103 cm