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Portable Laptop Stand

Protect yourself from any computer-related injuries and pain!

If you spend hours working in front of your laptop every day, you're probably not a stranger to a condition called"laptop-itis". Yup, it's that pain you feel in your back, arm, and neck, your tingling fingers, and throbbing head!

Stop hunching over your computer! Over time, this can lead to a bad posture that can cause other health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, sore muscles, and any other repetitive stress injuries.

Protect your health and wellbeing while improving your productivity anywhere with this portable folding laptop stand! Lightweight and durable. Collapsible and adjustable. Easy to carry and lets your computer "breathe". What's not to like?


  • LIGHTWEIGHT, SLEEK, AND DURABLE— Solidly constructed from a premium grade aluminum alloy and ABS plastic for strength and stability. Designed to fit almost all laptops and built with a sizable front lip to keep your laptop firm and steady without sliding around. 
  • COMPACT AND ERGONOMIC— No need to spend thousands of dollars on a customized workspace! This creates an instantly ergonomic workstation to prevent back pain, neck pain, and any other pain associated with prolonged computer use.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE— This non-slip laptop stand can be easily configured to suit your needs and the working environment. You can easily adjust the laptop's height and angle through its 360° rotating joints.
  • PREVENTS OVERHEATING— Built with airflow holes to help dissipate heat and keep your laptop cool. An attachable mousepad is included for your added convenience!
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL— Use it anywhere and in any position! Whether you're in your desk, couch, or bed, this could also come in handy as a writing desk, tablet holder, breakfast table, and more!


1 x Portable Laptop Stand (20.6 x 10.4 x 1.9 inches)
1 x Mouse Tray
2 x Black Non-Slip Baffle
1 x Instruction Manual

LOVE GETTING FREEBIES? — We're throwing in a free detachable mouse pad!

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