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Pet Cooling Gel Mat Pad


Let your lovely pets be comfortable during the hot season! 

Pet Cooling Gel Mat Pad

Our Cool Pet Mat is one of the most comfortable and cooling mats you could ever give your pet this summer or any other hot day. The fabric is high-quality, comfortable and breathable compared to any other cooling mats. You don't have to refrigerate this too in order to function as a cooling mat. The breathable fabric readily absorbs heat, making your et feel cool and fresh.


  • It has pressure-activated cooling gel keeps pets comfortable, no need to freeze or chill.
  • Can be easily placed in your pet's favorite bed.
  • Offers extra comfort for pets with joint pain.
  • Lightweight and portable, for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Uses safe, non-toxic gel.

Size information:

XS: 20*30*1cm

S: 30*40*1cm

M: 40*50*1cm

L: 50*65*1cm

XL: 50*90*1cm

XXL: 81*96*1cm