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GripEazy® Panel Carrier

Yes, you can move those heavy sheet goods solo!

Home renovation project? Good luck doing it on your own, especially if you'd need to carry plywoods or dry panels around! Now, even if you're lucky enough to have some help, having to execute a two-handed pickup and carry is never easy. 

Now, imagine if you have this Gorilla Gripper. Designed to let you carry OSB, drywall sheets, plywood and particleboard panels  weighing up to 100 lbs, what is normally a two-person job can be done solo with next to no effort!

This Gorilla Gripper acts as a temporary carrying handle so you can haul those sheets around without hurting your back, or risking any injury on your hands, shoulders, or neck. 

Simply slide a sheet off a stack, clamp the gripper down, and carry it single-handedly from the top edge. It also makes alternating your carrying hands possible!

Whether you're about to take on a major DIY home improvement or you are a professional builder, this is a tool you simply cannot do without!

  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION— This panel carrier is built out of epoxy coated steel and an industrial grade glass-filled nylon polymer gripper plates for strength, safety, and reliability. 
  • WORKS ON A VARIETY OF WOOD PANELS — This gripper is ideal for heavy sheet goods such as drywall, plywood, metal sheets, melamine, large signs, glass panels, and other similar materials. 
  • MAKES YOUR WORK A WHOLE LOT EASIER! — Instead of two guys awkwardly hauling sheets, this allows one person to do the job a whole lot easier!
  • CARRY THOSE HEAVY SHEETS SAFELY— This gripper won't let go unless you lower the handle. Carrying it from the top edge means you can move around with a straight back and won't have to keep bending over. No torqued back,  pulled,  or sore muscles!
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT FOR THE HANDYMAN IN YOUR LIFE — No special occasions required. This makes an excellent gift for your dad, husband, an avid DIY'er, woodworker, construction workers, and more!


1 x GripEazy® Panel Carrier

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