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Pain Killer Heel Cushion (2PCS Set)

Pain Killer Heel Cushions is the best thing to help you protect and support your heels from pain, blisters, callus. The heel pads provide an extra cushioning, same time side and back protectors pad soften chafing, holds heels in place and prevents rubbing and slide.

Made from light and premium fabric & silicone material that perfectly suits your comforts. Wear your confidence with your shoes as you walk like a beauty queen with this pair of cushions! Apart from your runway feeling, add these pads to your list when having a wander last adventure.

  • Provides 100% protection to your feet
  • Prevents shoes from rubbing your heels
  • Proved to significantly reduce foot pain and conditions such as blisters and calluses

Set includes:

1 pair Pain killer heel cushion

Size: 14 x 8.5 cm