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On-The-Go Forearm Straightener

Be Able to Workout Your Forearms Anywhere You Go

This On-The-Go Forearm Straightener will help you to tone your forearms muscle faster than usual. It is very convenient to bring anywhere due to its size and does not consume too much space. 

You may also use this to relieve stress and anger. You'll be able to adjust the pull handle according to your wrist size. Perfect for on-the-go moments especially on your free time at work. 


  • Perfect for on-the-go moments -  Small and easy to store without consuming too much space on bag or compartment
  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety - This tool will help you release your anger by also creating an aggressive impact on your muscle growth.
  • Effective & Visible Result - Being able to work out  your forearm's muscle anytime and anywhere, the result will surely be seen faster than the usual
  • Adjustable Wrist Handle - You'll be able to adjust the handle to perfectly suit your wrist size and reach
  • Durable Metal Materials - This tool is created with durable metals to withstand strong pressure.