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Magic No-Heat Hair Curlers

Get luscious bouncy curls without the hair damage!

Sure, you want beautiful, bouncy curls just as much as the next girl. What you don't want, however, are fried, frizzy, damaged hair!

Well, what if we tell you that getting some volume and long-lasting curls are now possible without the iron or heat styling tools? Yes! All you need are these magic no-heat hair curlers!

Utilizing a no-heat curling system, these hair rollers offer an easier and safer way to get beautiful curls without damaging your hair! Suitable for all hair types, each color twists into its own direction to give you natural-looking ringlets. 

No wasted time sitting in hair salons, no damaging heat, no painful pins or clips. These are so comfortable you can even sleep in 'em and wake up with dramatic curls!



    • QUICK AND EASY TO USE— Just apply some curl-defining cream or hairspray to a still damp hair, roll small sections of hair into the roller using the hook stick, leave to dry, remove and style accordingly. Better yet, sleep on it, and wake up with beautiful, bouncy curls!
    • NO HEAT, NO DAMAGE!— Made of high-quality silicone plastic that is heat-resistant, durable, and non-toxic. Using no heat nor electricity, it is a hair-friendly alternative to heated styling irons. 
    • TIME AND MONEY SAVING— No need to save hundreds of dollars in hair salons. You can get healthy, smooth, glossy curls right in the comforts of your own home with these reusable hair rollers! Getting curls as you sleep also saves you time in the morning!
    • SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIRSTYLE!— Use them on any type of hair, wet or dry. It's great for both mom and kids with straight, thin, or thick hair as well as those using wigs and weaves!

    How to create a beautiful and bouncing hair curls:

    Magic No-Heat Hair Curlers


    Package Include: 
    2 x Hook Sticks
    18 x Magic No-Heat Hair Curlers