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Muscle Roller Stick Massager With 3 Point Spiky Ball

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This portable muscle roller travels easily wherever you go, which is like having a massage therapist on a stick. Take care of tired or sore muscles at the gym, home, or even work. Any time you need it, you can get a deep massage to relieve muscle pain.



  • VERSATILE MASSAGE STICK:  Stimulate the tissue and promote blood flow through fatigue, sore and cold muscles. Effectively ease away aches and pains from muscles. What's more, frequently massage after exercise can produce more heat to burn cellulite.

  • BODY MASSAGER: massage stick can be used on your feet, arms, legs, thighs, hip, waist, belly and other body parts to make you feel better.

  • TARGET PRESSURE POINT: large and intensive hedgehog shaped balls provide you with a deep tissue massage. Ideal for relief of sports-related injuries or strains.

  • EASY TO USE: The design of the handle conforms to ergonomic which is very easy to control. The handles are padded which is very comfortable to grip. The three balls in the middle are a hard plastic, and they spin separate to the handles, making it easy to use.

  • HANDY & PORTABLE: This convenient handheld stick is portable, making it easy to take on the road with you. 



  • Can be used for the spine, waist and body parts of the acupuncture points to do massage, promote blood circulation and metabolism
  • Can eliminate all parts of the body fatigue, such as shoulder, neck, back, waist, hands, feet and so on
  • You can do massage by yourself at any time, such as when watching TV or reading
  • Use roller-type principle, easy to force a simple massage
  • It helps you ease away stress and restore the health of tired and sore muscles


  • Material: Hard Plastic & Very Soft EVA Padding For Handle 
  • Total Length: 16.5inch 
  • Ball Diameter: 2.24inch  
  • Color: Mint Green | Pink | Mint Green & Orange