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Lucky Solar System Bracelet

This unique bracelet represents our solar system (and other celestial bodies) using precious stones. Here are 4 reasons why you can't afford to miss out on this product:


This product is hand-crafted and made of various precious stones. Which precious stones? Glad you asked! Here's an overview:

  • Black Hole: Sandstone
  • Outer Space: Blue Sandstone
  • Neptune: Lapis
  • Uranus: Blue Cat Eye Stone
  • Saturn: Whitelip Shell
  • Jupiter: Tigereye
  • Mars: Red Agate
  • Earth: King Turquoise
  • Moon: Opal
  • Venus: Copper Bead
  • Mercury: Deep Sea Scallop


This bracelet looks pretty at first glance without understanding the meaning behind it but becomes profoundly beautiful once you understand what it represents.


This product is available in two sizes, or as an adjustable model.

For Science:

This bracelet presents the earth as round. Since that's a controversial view these days (how far have we gone that THAT is controversial?!), just by wearing it you are pushing back against bad science. Fun fact: Whenever you upset a flat-earther (or ideally show them that they're wrong) an angel gets his wings. Buy this bracelet, let the angels have their wings. Or do you want to have to explain to the angels that you are the reason they are flightless?