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Coffee Latte Art Pen

To make professional detailed latte art, this is the perfect tool...

While pure pouring technique will get you nice waves - from which you can shape hearts or flowers, if you want to add stems or printing or secondary dollups, you'll need this pen.

It can easily be used for a coffee latte or food decorations using various small particle materials such as cinnamon, cocoa, green tea, parsley powders etc.. 

And it makes a really professional impression on anyone - even on other baristas.


  • Perfect spice pen for all 
    A perfect spice tool for children, teenagers, and adults to be creative and make their food and coffee into beautiful works of art
  • Fun and easy food presentation
    It is the first and only kitchen implement that allows users to make drawings and write with ground spices
  • Simple and low maintenance
    Anyone can use it. You just fill it with ground material, press the button and draw!
  • Every day is a beautiful day 
    You and your children will Make creative messages & drawing with this decoration tool for every morning and any occasion easily.


    • 1 x Electronic Latte Pen