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Lap Bed Tray Table


Our favorite place to eat, lounge, or get work done will always be snuggled up in bed.

If you are one of those people who love being lazy while working, then this Lap Bed Tray Table is perfect for you. You can comfortably use your large laptop computer with a mouse from a bed or even your sofa. The bed tray has a luxurious cushion of furniture grade memory foam for total comfort and support.


If you are looking for a handy lap tray table, you might have just found the best one. It is not only designed to facilitate you while you are working or eating in the bed, but it can be carried anywhere with you. Take this bed tray with you owing to it being lightweight. Working in the car during long car rides won’t be a hassle anymore. The lap desk can be taken along while travelling and used for several purposes.


The design of the Lap Bed Tray Table offers utmost comfort for the user. It comes with a hard plastic top which is utilized to ensure stability of the tray. Moreover, the bottom has an innovative design. The lap tray bottom has a bean bag cushion that brings comfort to your knees and legs. Other competitors have hard surfaces that are not flexible or easy to handle. In addition, the top has furrowed edges to avert spills and prevents your laptop from slipping off of it when tilted.

Levelled Surface

This lap tray table ensures that the surface is levelled for composing, eating and perusing. You can also play cards on this table and even for that you require a certain amount of balance. Given the cushy bean bag base, the bed tray easily takes the shape of your lap.

Cup Holder

If you love enjoying a cup of tea or coffee while working, then this lap desk is ideal for you. The lap tray is convenient to use especially because it comes with a round concaved place for holding your cup or mug. It is a great accessory to have in your home.


Commodity size: 42cm*33cm/16.54*12.99"
Commodity material: Plastic+cotton.
Commodity packaging: OPP bag
Commodity weight: 350 g
Commodity color: dark blue/black