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Wooden Kalimba Thumb Piano

Create your own soothing sounds from this wooden box!

When everyone and their mother plays the piano and the guitar, how do you set yourself apart musically?

Why not try a kalimba? It's an African musical instrument played by simply holding it in your hands and plucking the tines with your thumb. You just need both of your thumbs to coax relaxing melodies right out of the box. It's that easy! No musical training necessary.  

Our kalimba is exquisitely crafted in wood with a nice finish. The steel tines are well-shaped guaranteed to produce clear and rich sound and tones. If you wish to zone out a bit and relax, just pick this up and play!

thumb piano 001

  • BEAUTIFUL WOODEN CONSTRUCTION— The wooden board is superbly constructed out of a solid koa wood body complemented with high-quality steel bars. This combination gives you a smooth, pleasant feel and a warm, comforting sound!
  • EASY TO USE— You don't need proper training to play this! In fact, children and beginners will have a lot of fun playing around and making their own sound. This arrives all setup and in tune plus it comes with a basic course kit to guide you.
  • BUILT TO LAST— Enjoy years of enjoyment with this wooden musical instrument. The material and design prevent moisture and oxidation. This also comes with a nice cloth bag and thumb protectors!
  • CREATE WONDERFUL MUSIC ANYWHERE! — This is extremely portable so you won't have any problem bringing this with you to jazz up a party, outdoor barbecue, camp, party, and more!