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In-Ear Cleaning Endoscope PC And Android Devices


This ear wax cleaner is one of the industry's most advanced high precision handheld digital otoscope with image and video capture capabilities.

It provides high accuracy in observing the external ear, ear canal, and eardrum. It allows you to view images in high resolution, take standard photos, and record videos. It is an ideal ear wax vacuum used for microsuction ear wax removal. 

  • It is easy to take snapshot by hardware button or by software control, and the images can be saved for EMR (Electronic Medical Records), future reference/comparison, or can be sent to others for consultation, etc.
  • Besides its professional ear wax removal,uses, it is also a versatile tool for self examination, ear irrigation, ear suction, ear wax extraction and remote health care. It can be used for general illumination of the throat and/or nasal cavities or assessing flexibility of the tympanic membrane. Perfect ear vacuum for best ear wax removal.
  • It delivers these breakthrough capabilities - and much more - at a highly economical cost. It is the best ear wax suction tool for ear wax removal.
  • It has compatibility with Windows 7/Vista/XP. and the package includes: Microscope (1x), USB Cable (1x), Software Application CD (1x Users Manual and software), Specula S/M/L (4x for each size), Velvet Carrying Case (1x).