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Food Decorating Spoon Pencil


Planning on designing your own plate?

It can decorate dishes with amazing lines, shapes, and patterns with liquid coloring chocolates, sauces, caramel, desserts or even balsamic vinegar.

You will love this unique presentation by enhancing the taste of food and visual experience. Made of stainless steel material, very durable. Natural and harmless, healthy, tasteless and non-corrosive.


  •  Non-toxic and durable
  •  Exquisite curve, soft and comfortable grip
  • Solid & clearly separated lines, overlay colored
  • A plate of food beautifully decorated is a work of art. 
  • Ideal for dessert sauces, salad dressing, chocolate and more.
  • Simply fill the spoon with sauce and draw your design. •
  • Perfect for plating desserts.


Pastry tips material: stainless steel
Large Weight: 36g
Size : 22 * 4 cm
Small Weight: 28g
Size : 18.6 * 2.8 cm