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Flex Tilt Head

The days of taking pictures at an angle that is less than perfect are over!

The award-winning Flex Tilt Head provides the solution to all of your photo taking woes and allows you to capture the perfect angle.

Proudly endorsed by filmmakers and photographers around the world, you can order with confidence knowing that you are using the same tools as the professionals.

✔ More Angles Made Easy

Now all you need is one hand to adjust your camera to capture any angle you want to capture!

✔ Seamless Height Adjustment

Adjusting your tripod height is now a thing of the past! Add extra height to your tripod with a simple pull gesture and adjust it to any position you desire!

✔  Stand Alone

The stand-alone feature comes very useful when you don’t have an extra hand and want that perfect shot! No need for legs, or tripods. All you need is your compact Tripod Flex Tilt Pan, camera, and your smile!

Features :

  • Easily find the angle that you need while shooting
  • More stable and more convenient than any other desktop tripod.
  • Can work with a tripod, slide rail and stabilizer for camera and camcorder.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Multi-angle folding