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Electric Personal Popcorn Maker

Get theater quality popcorn at home with this brand new Electric Personal Popcorn Maker!

You can have oil-free popcorn fast and simple anytime with this hot air popcorn popper. Popcorn machine comes in a compact and portable design that is made to be user friendly so you can pop those lovely kernels fast and have more time during movie night. With popcorn making machine you can get high-quality popped popcorn every time!

The best popcorn maker uses hot air popping system that makes for a healthy oil-free popping and evenly popped tasty kernels. Within air popped popcorn, there is an aluminum heat chamber for quick popping. Enjoy perfect fun with your friends and family while popping your own popcorn at home and watching all of the kernels jump around in the chamber and after which, you can eat it!

Instructions for use:

  • Open the transparent cover to the machine into the corn kernels. Don’t put any flavorings at this time.
  • Replace the transparent cover and close the measuring cup.
  • Place your container in front of the electric popcorn maker, where the popcorn drops down to.
  • Wait for about 2 – 3 minutes after the popcorn started blowing from the opening.
  • When the electric popcorn popper liner no popping sound, you should immediately turn off the switch. Remove the upper body (Caution: Surface is very hot so be careful), with hands around the lower body, shake the remaining popcorn into the container.