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QuickCuts® Drywall Cutting Tool

Cut drywall faster and more efficiently like a pro!

Doing some home renovation? If it entails installing some 10-foot long panels of drywall, it can be tempting to hire a professional. After all, working with drywalls is no easy task. They're heavy and cumbersome and making straight cuts can be quite a challenge too. 

However, why would you pay hundreds of dollars to a team of contractors when you can do it yourself? All you need is the right tool! Fortunately, you can get this drywall cutting tool to take care of the job quickly and efficiently!

This QuickCuts® Drywall Cutting Tool is designed to make precise, smooth, and straight drywall cuts that could give professionals a run for their money. Built with an adjustable guide bar, now you can cut panels with unerring precision and repeat the process multiple times over!



  • PREMIUM MATERIALS— Made of high-quality stainless steel, it's light, durable and easy to handle. The clamp plate wheel adopts precision bearing for more accurate and smoother cuts.
  • CLEANER AND SMOOTHER CUTS— Features self-adjusting twin blades and precision guide bar to ensure a cleaner cut without rough edges. 
  • ERGONOMIC — No worries about any pain, discomfort, or hand fatigue! This drywall cutting tool is made with a soft rubber wrap grip for comfortable handling. 
  • NO MESS DRYWALL WORK — Cutting drywalls can be such a mess sometimes with so much dust flying around, EPA might turn up nearby for some air testing! This drywall cutter is a lot more environmentally friendly and allows clean cuts without dust!