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EZ Dog Harness

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Let everyone know your dog is more than just a pet!

There are two things that people with service dogs find awkward and frustrating when they're out to run errands with their pups. Clueless, dog-loving individuals who come over for a pet and getting denied entry into shops and businesses. 

Let your furry emotional support pup wear this special harness so people and businesses know that your canine companion is more than a pet! Without any distractions, service dogs can do what they were trained to do. 

Specially designed to spread the pressure on their chest rather than just the neck, it protects them against sudden pulls and yanks. The reflective straps also keep them safe, especially at night!

Now, we understand that your paw friend isn't on duty 24/7 so the patches are removable. You can remove it during playtime or replace with other patches! 

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS— This harness is made from durable nylon and 100% cotton, it is lightweight yet durable with breathable net clothing and reinforced straps with velcro. 
  • NO YANKS, NO PULL— Designed to spread pressure across your dog's chest when they strain forward rather than putting tension on their neck. This protects them when you suddenly have to pull them or yank on their leash. The underside is also made of neoprene to make it even more durable and abrasion-resistant. 
  • EASY ON/OFF DESIGN— Perfect for an on-the-go service dog with a quick-release belly buckle so you're both out the door fast in seconds!
  • TOP MOUNTED HANDLE — Equipped with top-mounted reinforced nylon handle and adjustable straps to give you better control especially in times of an emergency. 
  • SAFE AND CONVENIENT — A reflective patch on each side of the harness gives you the peace of mind knowing that your pup is easily visible even during your nighttime excursion. 
  • OFFICIAL LOOKING BADGE!— Let people know your furry companion is on official duty when you're out in public spaces! It'll keep well-meaning strangers away and give you both the space you deserve!