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Cat Toilet Training Litter Box Kit

ired of that litter box grind? Train your cat to ditch the litter box and use the toilet instead with the Cat Toilet Training Litter Box Kit!

This toilet training kit features a specialized ringed tray that fits under the toilet seat, enabling you to teach your kitty to sit pretty on the potty. Eliminate the need for litter boxes and litter box mess, and save thousands on litter. Each ring of the Cat Toilet Training Kit tray is removable, designed to gradually accustom your cat to using the toilet. To start, simply place the plastic toilet trainer tray under your toilet seat. Next, fill the Toilet Training Kit with flushable litter. Gradually, remove one ring of the tray at a time to accustom your cat to aiming for the water instead of the litter. As you remove rings, gradually reduce the amount of litter as well. Be sure to go at your cat’s pace for best results. This Cat Toilet Training Litter Box Kit is purrfect for healthy cats and kittens 3 months and older, and all sizes and breeds.

Cat Toilet Training Litter Box Kit Includes: 

    • 1 Cat Toilet Training Litter Box Tray
    • Measures 40x40x3.5 cm
    • Materials: BPS-free Plastic