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Baby Forehead Infant Newborn Temporal Thermometer

Healthcare technology has greatly varied from the past 20 years. The invention of infrared sensing temporal thermometer technology has proved its efficiency, performance, and scope in body, room and surface temperature sensing as the best digital thermometer. It has greatly helped parents to ensure the healthcare of their babies as well. 

Thus, our baby forehead infant newborn temporal thermometer provides an on-time response, secure and non-contact temperamental check-up. The baby forehead infant newborn temporal thermometer is equipped with high tech infrared technology which shows the results on digital forehead thermometer within one second on big LCD after pressing a single measuring key.

  • The Dual Modes of Body Temperature Thermometer

Body Mode: Keep the infrared thermometer positioned at the forehead of babies and adults to find the accurate result in one second.

Surface Mode: Measure the temperature of food or substances keeping the infrared thermometer on the object and validate if it’s appropriate to use  

  • Safe and Non-Contact forehead thermometer

Aiming the forehead thermometer on the baby with the distance of 3-5 cm and acquire accurate temperature measurements through safe and non-contact infrared detection. 

  • Head Thermometer indicating Temperature Accuracy

Body Mode: The display range of infrared head thermometer for body mode ranges from 32-42.9 °C. Temperature Accuracy for body mode depends upon ±0.2°C (35.0°C-42.0°C)

Surface Mode: The display range of infrared head thermometer for surface mode ranges from 0-100 °C. Temperature Accuracy for surface mode depends upon ±0.3°C (0°C-100°C)

  •  Data Recording in a Baby Thermometer

The baby thermometer records up to 32 data sets with minimal temperature change. One can access them by pressing the MEM button for checking. 

  • Pain-Free Children's Thermometer

The non-contact infrared children's thermometer provides humanly designed specifications to examine the temperature through pain-free and hassle-free methods from a particular distance.

  • Convertible Temperature units in infant thermometer

The infrared newborn thermometer proves its distinct features by switching from °C and °F temperature units for parents ease. Press the mode button for three seconds to transform from one mode to another.