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Adjustable Double Head Paint Roller(4*Brushs)

Adjustable double head paint roller. It will save you plenty of time.


  • High-quality, thick paint roller ensures the perfect painting on a flat surface.
  • Cover more area faster evenly. Do not spill and waste paints.
  • Excellent surface texture, self-contained, refillable and washable.
  • With the adjustable dual-head paint roller, painting has never been easier.
    • No waste of time bending over into the paint tray to refill the paint roller.
    • No need to climb and dismount ladders, cleaning is quicker and easier.
    • Paint a wall in 5 minutes, a whole room in 20 minutes.


    • Material : plastic, stainless steel, sponge
    • Color : gray
    • Weight : 350 g

    Package includes:

    • 1 * Adjustable Double Head Paint Roller(4*Brushs)