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2PCS Solar Bug Zapper Lamp



SOLAR ANTI-MOSQUITO LAMP is a SOLAR POWERED panel lamps that does not just gives light but also has an ANTI-MOSQUITO feature. With its HIGH-TECHNOLOGY, it can CONVERT LUMINOUS energy into ELECTRICITY and store it in a BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. Its light source from ULTRA HIGH BRIGHTNESS LED. The WAVELENGTHS of the energy produce PURPLE LIGHTS that has characteristics and principles to ATTRACT mosquitos to go to the light and kill it with its ELECTRICITY. It is DURABLE as it can survive through any season. 

SOLAR ANTI-MOSQUITO LAMP has two switches for LIGHTS and ANTI-MOSQUITO LIGHT and can work for EIGHT HOURS. It is GUARANTEED that it can KILL house balcony or lawn mosquitoes. It has an inclusion of RECHARGABLE battery incase SOLAR POWER is not available. It has a pick end design to easily insert it to the ground or remove the panel and place it in a flat surface.

1. Super bright white (Purple Light) & UV LED 
2. Environmentally friendly with solar power 
3. Switch between light (one for white light and bug zapper (ON2 --- light; ON1 --- bug zapper) 
4. Metal safely frill and internal translucent finger shield 
5. Dusk to dawn sensor 
6. The solar panel is water-proof, will not be damaged in rain 
7. Applies ultra purple light to attract insects & mosquitoes while killing them with over 1,000 volts 
8. Long-lasting built in batteries can work continuously for over 6-8 hours once fully charged 
9. The white LED can be used to bring light to any garden parties or pathways 
10. No electricity or wiring needed 
11. No tools required for installation. 
12. Uses 2 AA Ni-CD rechargeable battery (included) 
13. Size: 150 * 150 * 570mm/5.85*5.85*22.2" 
14. Solar Panel: 4V, 0.14W 
15.Battery: Lithiumin Battery 1.2V/600mAh 
16. No electricity or wiring needed